Walleyes in Precarious and Particular Places
By: Bruce Mosher

Walleyes and whales could never coexist. Well, first there’s that saltwater
to freshwater issue, and then the fact that whales breathe air through a
blowhole and walleyes take oxygen aquatically, through gills. Now both
species spend time in wide open spaces – whales sucking plankton
through their baleen and walleyes sucking flesh through their choppers –
but their timecards differ. Whales are always at sea. Walleyes are only
sometimes at sea...

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Bits and Pieces
By: Bob Good

Remember when cartoon characters had little balloons over their head that held the words
they were either speaking or thinking? And you could always tell when a great idea was about
to spill forth because the balloon showed a light bulb suddenly being lit. I have enjoyed a few
moments like that.  A light bulb suddenly went off in my head! Yep. There it was, maybe an
answer to a conundrum that had plagued me for years, or possibly just a new twist on an old
theme that made whatever easier or possibly more successful than before...

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