Floating Livewell

• Keeps fish fresh

New and improved with zipper to easily empty
fish out the side of bag

• Closed cell foam keeps bag afloat

• Velcro closure

• Convenient carrying straps

• Durable ventilated mesh

• Also keeps live bait fresh

• Great for summer applications (off dock, boat,
canoe, kayak, waders or shore) too

• Collapses for easy storage
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• 7" Diameter for a 8" Ice hole

• 33" Deep

• Fish can't submerge the bag!

In the  summer   this   bag   works   great   for
keeping your fish fresh.   Easier to  use  than a

If you're tired of trying to  fillet frozen or slimy
fish, the fish-Well is for you! Instead of tossing
your  freshly  caught  fish  outside  in  freezing
temperatures,  put  them in  the Fish-Well.   All
that you need is  an extra  drilled  hole.  Insert
the Fish-Well and start  filling with fish that will
stay Fresh!

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