Foam Walker
Foam Walker
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It is a Standing Walking Sinker, meaning it will never tip over like
conventional bottom bouncers because of the buoyant foam. It always
stands straight up when you release your line tension and keeps your line
off the bottom of the lake.

Designed  for   Finesse   Fishing  
with   stop  and   go   retrieves,   
casting,   and   slow  trolling.  It
even  works  better  when  you
have   a   floater   rig   attached   
to  your leader!

The  bottom   of  the   patented
"Foam Walker"  is  designed  so
you    can     instantly     change
weights for  any  situation.  This allows   you  to  keep  contact  with  the

The top of the "Foam Walker" is designed with a slotted hole, which allows
the line to easily slip through. You can snap your "Foam Walker" on and off
your line by customizing it. Just cut through from the pre-cut notch to the
slotted hole and you are ready to go!

These work great for Walleyes, Bass, Steelhead, Catfish, and anywhere that
snags are present. This also solves the problem of keeping your bait a bit
off the bottom.

We have three different size weights for these. The 1/2 oz. Foam Walkers
(very slow trolling) will work down to 20’ of water and the 3/4 oz. Foam
Walkers work down to 30’ of water. The 1-1/4 oz. Foam Walkers work in more
current, faster drifting, or 25’- 40’ slow trolling.

They are awesome Finesse rigs. Designed for slow
trolling,    casting,    drifting,    and   a   favorite   is
stop-n-go   retrieves   with  a  floater   rig   pulled
behind it. You can stop your retrieve because the
Foam Walker  never tips over  and then your  bait
can work for you trying to entice a strike! Having
a  floater  rig behind  this unit will  benefit you  by
having less snags in the rocks, weeds, and brush.

The   Foam  Walker   is   used  for   Lindy  Rigging,
Carolina Rigging, Drop Shot Rigging, or any thing
else you can dream up.

They work  great  for  Walleyes,  Bass,  Steelhead,
Catfish, and Northerns.

Loaded with options and features like- snapping on and off the line, never
tips over (keeps your line off the bottom), instantly changing weights to
match depth, and will break in the event of a bad snag, leaving your rig
intact so you don’t waist time retying. Just snap on a new one and you’re
good to go!

Snap on even heavier Water Gremlin’s Casting weights with the brass loops
for Catfishing, river current, or even faster trolling.

Click here to order using check or money order for 10 - Foam Walkers (any
size weights) $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling.
It walks through Brush and
Rocks. The Ultimate Finesse
Fishing Tool! The foam is also
designed to break apart in the
event of a bad snag so you
don't lose the rest of your rig
and waste time having to re-tie.

excellent for walleye fishermen
who Lindy Rig and can be the
ultimate Carolina Rig, or Drop
Shot rig for bass, walleye, and
This revolutionary designed
"Foam Walker"

It was developed for the
frustrated slip sinker
fisherman who encountered
too many snags while summer