Jig Disks
Jig Disks
The new “Jig Disk” will transform
any horizontal hanging jig into a
Swimming, Darting, and Gliding
machine. Snap on a clear plastic Jig
Disk onto the eye of your hook.

Attach your fishing line to the jig by
using a cross lock snap or a quick
snap. Add your favorite swim bait,
twister tail, tube, or other plastics
and live bait straight in line with the
shank of the hook and start
smacking fish!
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Jig Disks.
Jig Disks are sold in a 15 pack of three
different sizes that accommodate little
pan fish jigs up to 3/4 oz jigs for Walleye,
Trout, and Bass etc.

Great for vertical jigging in the Summer
and through the Ice. Also work well under
a bobber rig. The waves will move the
bobber up and down and in turn will make
your jigs swim and glide with the help of
the Jig Disks.
  • Keep your bait straight in line with
    the hook shank so your jig will swim
  • Set up your jigs in a 5-gallon bucket
    of water before you go fishing
  • Hook up a live minnow to the jig by
    going in the mouth, out the bottom
    of the gill, up through the belly, and
    straight up and out the back. That
    way the minnow head is closer to
    the jig head and everything should
    be straight.
Look at photo and see how the Genz Bug
with a Jig Disk, quick snap, and plastic
tail is set up. This will make the jig
Shimmy Shake on the drop and lift! Great
action for panfish!

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*** More Rigging Tips...
Using the Jig Disk with Jigging spoons
will also do the Shimmy Shake on the
drop and on the lift. Put a minnow head
on the treble hook for scent.
Notice how there is a bobber stop, plastic
bead, then the Jig Disk with about 1/2"
space between the Disk and the cross
lock snap. This is about the perfect
distance/space for the Jig Disk to give
the spoon incredible action. This works
great for Walleye, Bass and Northerns!
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