Tackle Pouches
Tackle Pouches


• Three different sizes...

Size (A) stores components - Beads,
Swivels, Tie Knots, Split shot, Snaps and
Small jigs.
2" L x 1.5" H

Size (B) stores Jigs - Small and Large
3" L x 1.5" H

Size (C) stores Spoons, Small Crank
Baits, Swimming jigs, etc.
4.5" L x 1.5" H
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Clearly see what you are
protecting, storing and

• Easy open pull tabs

• Velcro closure

• Clear thick plastic for great visibility and

• Store in a clear tackle box or jacket and
shirt pocket for easy transport

• Great for Summer and Winter Tackle!

• Wrap them around the rod to cover your jig (jig wraps)! That way you'll
have less tangling with storage

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